Miracle Box 3.39 (2022) Pro Crack + Setup 2022

Miracle Box 3.39 (2022) Pro Crack with Setup 2022

Miracle Box Crack

Miracle Box Cracked is a simple and easy-to-use tool for Windows PCs and laptops that allows us to help Mediatek and Qualcomm device users. Miracle Box supports both architectures for free downloads namely 32-bit and 64-bit. The installation file is completely self-contained and is an offline installer. This powerful application will allow you to solve your mobile phone problems.Miracle Box is a great tool. This helps users to unlock, HooTech Net Meter repair and flash smartphones.

This is a great support for Chinese phones. All users, even beginners, can work without problems. You can also easily make mobile phones work with Flash tools and Flashboxes. Miracle Box is a leading company that developed Chinese mobile phones. And the Miracle Box allows the owner to read and write firmware.Miracle box allows us to facilitate flashing, IMEI repair, unlocking, unlocking, resetting and other tasks that will be of great help to you when working as a mobile technician.

Miracle Box Free Download

This miracle has other tools at its disposal to provide you with a complete technical service. The best part is that it is based on the latest fuzzy logic technology and this technology makes the best combination of hardware and software. This technology also identifies problems with electronic devices.Miracle Box Pro is great because it comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for everyone to use. No need to manually tell Miracle Box about your device.

You can install the latest miracle software updates with one tap. Click the Update button to install the latest updates directly. Automatically detect our device with the auto-detect feature; no need to manually tell the device about your device. We can only install the latest miracle software updates in one tap. Click the Update button to install the latest updates directly.You can also bypass FRP lock, unlock SIM network lock on your Android device, flash latest ROM and much more with other features.

All in all, it is a useful tool to repair Chinese mobile phones in a very easy way. Now we can download the latest version of Miracle Box setup tool for our Windows PC with Miracle Box setup version. This software is mainly compatible with all Mediatek compatible smartphones. Set up Miracle Box to repair your mobile phones. It’s a great platform. Basically Miracle Box Loader for Android phone problems. It was prepared.

Miracle Box Cracked Portable

Box Portable and amazing free software Miracle Box crackedhelps users in any stage of mobile problems. 8 years #1 latest mobile repair tool for millions of mobile support of the same fuzzy logic technology, the world’s best Meditech repair platform, the world’s best spreadsheet repair platform, the best world’s columbarium repair platform. Identify and manage all children on your mobile. Also, the fantastic software removes all kinds of malware from your mobile phones.

Miracle Box Setup Crack Loader improves the security of Andriod and also increases its ability to work with CUP. It has its own storage memory to permanently save your data. Miracle Box Loader comes with advanced performance and modern performance. By the way, save time and money. Miracle Box Pro Crack is compatible with almost all Android devices. Best of all, it displays notifications about your phones harmful function.Miracle Box Crack Tool Official Lunch GSM X Team.

Mobile Phone Software Reading Software Flashing IMEI Repair With this tool, you can work on password screen lock for mobile model and media technology (MTK), spreadtram (SPD) mobile phone, RDA CPU mobile phone, Qualcomm, mobile phone all kinds of problems.Miracle Box is a paid tool set available on Windows PC which helps user to solve any problem like bypass FRP lock, repair IMEI, unlock network lock, flash stock firmware, upgrade or downgrade.

Miracle Box Cracked Android Version

Miracle Box, root/unroot and many more options available.Now here you can download the latest version of Miracle Case Decryption Tool for Windows PC and it is compatible with all latest and old chipsets like MediaTek (MTK), Spreadturm (SPD), Qualcomm and is, by also compatible with devices. iPhone and Blackberry.Miracle Box Serial Number is a professional mobile phone system manager and data flashing application that can be used to successfully flash or reformat modern smartphone and tablet devices.In addition to directly updating the OS/firmware and transferring data to the target device, this app can also be used as an advanced diagnostic tool.

This professionally created application allows users to access mobile devices via a USB cable and perform reads and writes to their protected storage sections, including bootloader and operating system flash locations that are crucial for the optimal performance of that device.Accessing such storage areas can provide a valuable service, such as unlocking a permanently locked device, restoring damaged sections of the operating system or bootloader that prevented it from booting, or even replacing a specific area of ​​the operating system in an effort to increase performance or introduce additional functionality.

For example, this app can repair corrupt operating system files, change system apps like those that control built-in cameras, and more.One of the most popular use cases for Miracle Box Key is full OS or firmware rewrite, which allows users to switch from the standard OS provided by the manufacturer to community developed versions of the OS which offers various improvements and speed increases are introduced. .An incredible number of sensor readings and diagnostic reports can be found in its cluttered yet professionally designed user interface that can help experienced technicians fix various issues on a wide range of modern mobile phone devices.

Miracle Box Tool Free Full Version

The user interface consists of a large diagnostic panel and a wide range of tools separated into 11 main tabs on the right side of the application. One of the most important sections of the app is always present in the lower right corner: the main Start/Stop button to maintain the connection with a phone. The app can only handle wired connections through a USB port.

Due to the wide compatibility with modern models of portable devices, it comes in a package that weighs more than 800 MB. Fortunately, its installation is simple and only requires the user to follow simple on-screen instructions.Miracle Box cracked is 100% FREE and optimized for use on all modern versions of the Windows operating system (XP, Vista, 7. 8. 8.1 and 10). The app requires modest configuration to run, including 1GB of system RAM and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better.

Miracle Box Key Features

  • A professional environment for flashing phone devices.
  • Repair mobile devices and update firmware.
  • Delete Meizu Note 8/Note 9/X 8/16 X/16S account.
  • MTK updates MT6771 for new DA support.
  • Add new firmware to mobile devices.
  • Flash mobile devices and tablets.
  • Fixes various firmware issues on devices.
  • Qualcomm Adds some auto-assist models.
  • Enable/disable Collocum screen lock.
  • Shows complete device details.
  • Improve Qualcomm EFS read/write.
  • Learn an incredible number of languages ​​with an intuitive user interface.
  • Miracle Box Loader for Android and PC with FRP Bypass.
  • It is a network management tool with options like MTK, SPD, Qualcomm and iPhone devices.
  • This software has amazing effects to give you a great advantage when uploading and moving data.
  • Install your computer permanently.

Advanced Miracle Box Cracked Features

MediaTek Options

  • Service Options: Read Info, Read, Write, Format, RD/IMEI Unlock, Bad Software, Anti-Theft Rd, Rd TelBK, Er Telbk, Read NV, Bad Factory, Network Unlock, Repair FS, Write NV, Clear Code (ADB) , Read Code (SIM), Unlock Bootloader, Unlock SIM.
  • Unlock Repair Options: DL Mode Repair, Read Pattern, Wipe Anti-Theft, Root, Restore Root, Read Phonebook, Read Network Code, Reset Code, Clear Settings/FRP, Repair BT Address, Unlock Gionee Account, Unlock Network, Anti -piracy Unlock Meizu Note2, unlock Meizu account/lock phone.
  • Additional options: Open USB Debugging, Memory Repartition, Fix Unknown Baseband, Post BPLGUI, Memory Read, Memory Write, Read Preloader, Write Preloader, Init Modem, FRP Remove, Oppo OFP extract, Coolpad CPB extract, RAM Test, Miracle AV.

Spreadturm Options

Read Info, Read, Write, Format, Unlock RD, Bad Software, Antitheft Rd, Rd TelBK, Er Telbk, Read NV nand, Bad Factory, Network Unlock, Repair FS, Write NV nand, Read Code (SIM), Unlock Bootloader, SIM Unlock, Phonebook Backup, RD HWinfo, Android Code Wipe, Root (ADB), Mobile ADB Backup, Wr HW info, User Code Reset, Root Restore, SP Unlock (Beta), FRP Reset, Miracle AV, AV Backup Restore .


  • Unlock Tab Options: Read Info, Enable Diagnostics, Reboot, Lock Bootloader, Unlock Bootloader, Reboot EDL Mode from Fastboot, Force EDL Mode from Box, Read Codes (Network), New Method (Requires Root), Unlock Direct (Networks), No Root Method, QCN Auto Backup, QCN Read, QCN Write, Factory QCN Format, IMRI 1, IMEI 2.
  • Repair tab options: Factory reset, Clear account locks, Read efs, Write efs, Reset efs, Read OEM, Write OEM, Reset OEM, Repair Boot.
    Flashing Tab Options: Write Flash, Custom Flasher.
    Read/Format Flash Options: Read Partition, Read Flash, Read Pattern, Factory Reset, Direct Unlock, Select Write, Select Erase, Repair FS.
  • Additional Options: Mi Account Unlock, Mi Prevent Lock, Mi BL Unlock, Repair Oppo Baseband, Asus FRP Unlock, Meizu Account Unlock, Oppo Account Unlock, Vivo Account Unlock, Delete Account Lockout (Other), Emmc Test (EDL), Network Direct Unlock (EDL).

CDMA/LG/MI options

Repair/Unlock/Flash (CDMA): Read Info, Read, Write, Enable Diagnostics, File Unlock, SP Unlock, LG User Lock Reset Download Mode, IMEI Repair, File Unlock, Erase LG FRP Reset, LG Unlock Network , Mi Account Reset, Qualcomm Hang On logo has been fixed.

Qualcomm Flasher

  • Master/W Options: Read, Write, Unlock RD, Unlock File, Reset, Format.
  • Coolsand RDA Options: Read Info, Read, Write, Unlock RD, Unlock File, Reset, Format, Read NV, Write NV.

Android: Home

  • ADB: Read information, Go recovery, Go Bootloader, Check- Fastboot, Format All, Reset Mi Cloud, Flash-pack, +Format, Write IMG (Manual Flash), Mi Account Reset, Mi Account Reset (ADB).
  • ADB (Extra): Motorola FRP Reset, Samsung DRK Repair, Samsung FRP Reset, Oppo Unlocks, Oppo Network Unlock, Oppo FRP Reset, Mi Remove All Lock, Mi Disable Account, Generic FRP Reset, Oppo RSA Secret Key, Oppo Unlocks (2 ) ).
  • Fastboot: Read Info, Wipe User Data, Wipe Cache, Wite Data, Unlock Bootloader, Lock Bootloader, Reset FRP (Micromax/ Yuphoria, Qualcomm), Unlock Files, Get Token, Access-RUU, Repair IMEI, Repair MEID, FlashZip, Reboot , Remove Universal FRP, Wipe Universal IMEI, Vivo Unlocks, Vivo Unlock Bootloader, Vivo Lock BL, Lyf Unlocks, LYF Unlock Bootloader, MI wifi repair, OnePlus 3 FRP reset, Enable USB Debug, Nexus 6 FRP reset, Mi Account Reset.
  • Fastboot (Extra): Fix Motorola bootloader warning, Asus FRP Reset.
  • HTC/BCM: HTC: Readinfo, NCK/NSCK Unlock, Android goldcard, Simlock Unlock (DESIRE C), FRP Reset, Sprint Unlock.


  • Allwinner: Read Info, Wipe Code, Read Model Code, Wipe/Factory Reset, Root (ADB), Remove Google Lock, Read Gmail ID.
  • Nokia: Android: Read Info, Reboot Reboot, Fastboot Reboot, Restore Contacts, Backup Contacts, Root (ADB), Write Flash.
  • Lumia: Factory Reset, Full NVI Update, Reboot after Flash, Read Info, Write Flash.
  • AV: Show system packages, Show third-party packages, Show disabled, Show enabled packages, Backup packages, Reboot after removal, Get package list, Remove selected packages, Setting method.

MTK flasher

Intel: Asus, Lenovo, Xiaomi:
Samsung: Read Info, Backup efs, Reset Phone Lock, Read PIT, Backup EFS, Restore EFS, Scan PIT File, Factory Reset, Sprint Relock, GMAIL Reset, Network Unlock, Sprint Unlock, GMAIL Reset, FRP Reset, DRK Repair ( ADB) ), Repair DRK, Reset Reactivation/EE Locks, Service, Write Flash, Reset FRP (ADB), Reset FRP/Reactivation/EE Locks.
Huawei: Huawei Flasher, Huawei MTK: read code (SIM), unlock (SIM)
Blackberry: MEP/Blinking
Tools: Change file format.


  • Removing model lock is helpful.
  • This device is perfect to remove your FRP lock.
  • Retry the problem.
  • Write firmware.
  • Using this tool you can remove the country lock.
  • In addition, it also gives you information about unknown things.

What’s New in Miracle Box Cracked?

  • Add RAM test (65xx / 67xx) to MTK.
  • Add battery quality test.
  • Also include a valid bus test.
  • Include the INFO BUS test.
  • Include routine tests.
  • Support emergency flash.
  • Unlock bootloader flash file.

Screen Shots

Miracle Box key

Miracle Box Setup

System Requirements

  1. OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  2. Memory (RAM): 512 MB RAM is required.
  3. Hard disk space: 500 MB free space required.
  4. Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or newer.

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How to Install Miracle Box 2022 Cracked For Free?

  • First Download Miracle Thunder Crack Setup and Crack File Download Miracle Box with latest setup.
  • Then disconnect your internet and disable your antivirus protection.
  • Then Extract.RAR file.
  • Run the box.exe file as an administrator miracle.
  • So click Next.
  • Then click Finish.
  • Setup Read the setup and application instructions. The miracles in the text document are given to Box Creek. In the end,
  • All done.Enjoy!
  • The latest version is 2022 Free Download.


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